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Lab Misconduct Continues At the Expense of Criminal Defendants

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Are you a victim of a faulty Breath Test? See how new information my impact you.

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Not all lawyers are the same

It is a lawyer’s job to educate you, help you understand the process and ease your burden. We create a true partnership to move your case through the legal system. We help manage the justice gap. Call us at 978-749-3606 Today and Be Empowered.
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We know the process is stressful

Knowledge is power – we help you understand and empower you about the law, explain the process, the basics, all of the way through the complications. We advise you of  the potential pitfalls and prepare you to powerfully deal with these, if any challenge arises. Let Us Help to Ease the Process, Call Today at 978-749-3606.
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Resolutions at work

Deciding which information to share and which information to withhold greatly impacts the success of your case. We discuss how to minimize risk, help you manage and navigate the flow of information. Create a  Favorable Resolution Today, Call Us at 978-749-3606.
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Information is power to our clients

If need a lawyer – you will be facing an overwhelming experience. It’s our job to advise you to help you feel empowered in the face of your legal issues. Be Empowered in Your Legal Actions, Call Today at  978-749-3606.
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The Law Offices of Henry Lebensbaum Offer Family Law, DUI, Criminal Defense Attorneys and More! Serving In and Around Andover, MA

Call Henry Lebensbaum today at 978-749-3606 to discuss your case for trust, integrity and truth...the keys to all successful client-attorney relationships.

What We Offer

For more than 22 years, Attorney Lebensbaum has represented clients across Massachusetts in his Merrimack Valley private practice.  Each case receives personal attention and provides clients with high quality legal advice and representation, no matter what the circumstances are.  With a compassionate and highly experienced lawyer by your side, you will feel powerful, confident and fully supported.

Facing the legal system is stressful and anxiety producing, if you have been accused of committing a crime, or have had your rights violated in any way.  This type of legal event can change a person’s entire life.  We are here to help.  We offer flexible appointments, reasonable fees, and work to give you professional representation that fits your schedule and finances.  Our accessible offices in Lawrence and Andover provide you with a convenient resource when you need to consult with your attorney.  Receive legal advice and recommendations you can trust.  Set up your free initial consultation today and be on the road to protecting your legal rights.

Attorney Lebensbaum has a diverse educational background, having studied Psychology, Education and Sociology prior to law school.  Attorney Lebensbaum been involved in trials, hearings, settlements, negotiations, mediation and appeals. His varied experiences and skills assist in finding options to solve your individual situation. These options empower you to take control over the difficulty, whether it is a personal situation, a family problem, a criminal accusation or a business decision.

  Attorney Lebensbaum will forcefully advance your case and protect your interests.  With his customer service excellence and a people-friendly approach, our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience successful.

“When I was ready to throw in the towel he offered encouragement and a resolve to forge ahead in a battle we ultimately won.  In getting to know Attorney Lebensbaum - I came to admire and respect him and would recommend him for any issues, which might benefit from a legal opinion. -“Kathy

Areas Of Practice

Criminal Law & Criminal Defense

When you hear: “you have the right to remain silent” … it’s always a good idea to say nothing and ask for a lawyer – even if you are innocent.. Attorney Henry Lebensbaum is the one to call, with criminal defense law offices in Andover and Lawrence, MA.

Family Law|Divorce/Child Custody

As your lawyer, it is my role to explain the process, empower a reasonable outcome, and to settle all matters, financial and others, today and in the future. The main goal is to try to resolve the situation, but if there is a fight to be fought – we will fight for your rights.*

Personal Injury Law

With the Law Office of Henry Lebensbaum, you can heal while the lawyer focuses on getting you any repayment for your harm.

Don't Drown in your Legal Problem

If your legal problem has you sinking fast, don’t just settle for a “good attorney”. Attorney Henry Lebensbaum is the expert that you want fighting to keep you afloat.
Fantastic Attorney! Very knowledgeable and personable. We enjoy referring business to Attorney Lebensbaum because we know he does great work for his clients. FM

Forghany Law

Attorney Henry Lebensbaum has been my family’s attorney for more than 20 years. He has represented me in family court, domestic violence, estate planning, workers compensation and personal injury matters. He has always provided the highest quality of work and service.  He treats my problems with compassion and works very hard to insure that my rights are protected and my desires are met with a quick resolution to issues. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. PM

Attorney Henry Lebensbaum was a very valuable asset to have during my divorce.  His services were incredibly helpful during a difficult time in my life.  His legal work was impeccable and I would recommend his services to anyone seeking legal council.  He was quick to do paperwork and keep me informed on all happening during the time of  my divorce.  By having Attorney Lebensbaum represent me, this transition period was made much easier for me.* Norm

Andover Office

Law Office of Henry Lebensbaum 300 Brickstone Square, Suite 201 Andover, MA 01810 (978) 749-3606 (978) 749-3606 Map and Driving Directions

Para español marque 978-968-9557

Lawrence Office

Law Office of Henry Lebensbaum 85 Salem Street Lawrence, Massachusetts 01843 (978) 749-3606 Map and Driving Directions

Para español marque 978-968-9557